Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 unifies the existing capabilities of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP    (Enterprise Resource Planning), by allowing personalization and specialization of business functions.


What does Microsoft Dynamics 365 do?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps migrate digital advancements, in order to keep up with the needs and demands of customers, while capturing potential business opportunities. This new system offers more complete solutions, allowing for a greater understanding of process enterprises, and gives companies the ability to transfer information from customer centers directly into mobile sales teams. This feature helps to quickly address the care of customer needs, while remaining to give quality customer service.

  • Enabling greater productivity
  • Developing deeper insights
  • & Adapting to business needs

How Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefit Customers?

  • Purpose Built: specifically fits roles, industries and businesses, while allowing the accessibility of a cloud.
  • Productive: integrates familiar tools from Microsoft Office such as Outlook and Excel, while adapting to businesses processes, roles, and jobs.
  • Intelligent: has built-in intelligence to help with business processes, by infusing aspects like big data, advanced analytics, and IoT to guide employees. 
  • Adaptable: ability to grow, evolve and transform with modern, extensible platforms.

Helping to:
Engage Customers
Empower Employees
Optimize Operations
& Transform Products


What Happens to the Dynamics AX and CRM Brand/ Products?

Microsoft is improving the overall efficiency of their business apps. The new cloud version of Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationships Management) are coming together within the Enterprise edition of Dynamics 365. Consumers are not losing anything from the change, while implementation will consist of smooth update transitions.


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                                                                  operations     fieldservice       Projectservice                                                                                                                                                    marketing       customerinsights                                                                                                                                                                                        Finaicals


  • Digital Transformation: enables faster changes, helping organizations to learn and innovate continuously.Engage your Customer 
  • Security, Compliance, Privacy & Reliability
  • Make decisions on real time data and manage organizational compliance
  • IntercompanyMicrosoftfeatures2
  • Shared Services
  • Financial Period Management
  • Multi- Currency
  • Global Capabilities
  • Visibility into Global Organization
  • Sales Processes
  • Sales Pricing
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Order Promising
  • Warehouse Management
















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