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What is Sage CRM?

An affordable, adaptable, and easy to use Customer Relationship Management Solution designed with the needs of small and medium sized companies at its core, with the goal to increase profitability and reduce customer management costs. CRM brings together your marketing, sales and customer service functions, allowing your business to strengthen the relationship with your clients. This is done through tracking all data and interaction, whether it is sales or service-related.

Having a centralized location for all customer business data allows you to:

  • Understand your customers
  • Win new clients and retain existing ones with better customer experience
  • Sell more effectively and increase profitability
  • Save Time
  • Increase Productivity
  • Gain Greater Visibility Across Businesses for Actionable Decision Making
  • & Enable Customers Looking for a Better Way to Manage and Grow their Business


What’s New?

     calendar✔ Enhanced Calendar: Easier to Manage Important Meetings and Appointments.

      • Enhanced User Calendar
      • Improved Team Calendar
      • New Agenda View
      • Improved Navigation Buttons
      • Separate Tasks View

     update✔ Updated Top Bar: Provides Quick and Easy Access to Search Features Including Your Favorite Records, Active Notifications, and Recently          Viewed Records.

    mail ✔ Secure Email Connection: Securely Access Mail Services Such as Exchange Online and Gmail Directly from within the Sage CRM                        Produce, Without the Use of Other Software.

 navigation   ✔ Optimized Navigation and Search: Easily Search for and Access your Favorite Records, Active Notifications, and Recently Viewed Records.

      • New Quick Find
      • Improved Notifications
      • Enhanced Recent List
      • New Favorites Feature

Sage CRM SoftwareWhy use Sage CRM?

  • Sage CRM is easy to learn, use and maintain. This allows you to stay focused on your business and not your software.
  • Sage CRM is a highly customizable and scalable solution that grows as your business needs develop.
  • Sage CRM is very affordable for a small to medium sized business. You are guaranteed a rapid return on investment and low total cost of ownership.
  • In conjunction with Sage ERP, CRM provides even more business insights and greater efficiencies from having a consolidated view of data across your entire business.

Sage CRM - Customization

Sage CRM allows the user to configure the application exactly to their likings. A health care industry will want to display medical information about their patients, while someone in real estate may want to filter information by regions. All fields, labels and information you store is customizable, so you will always be looking at information relevant to your business.

 Sage CRM Screenshot


Sage CRM - Integration:

Sage CRM can access data from various other solutions you may be using:

  • Integrate with Microsoft Outlook
  • Integrate with Sage 300 
  • Collect information from external websites
  • Additional customization allows integration with social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn




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