FIT by Bredet Services

Accelerate the implementation time of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and realize the financial benefits sooner!
Build your business on a solid, scalable foundation with FIT by Bredet – A set of Focused, Integrated Techniques that are designed to dramatically reduce the implementation time of your ERP by automating the configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics AX database.
What does "FIT" do for you?
  • Optimizes the process of data gathering - reducing system configuration time and accelerating your go live time
  • Reduces data redundancy – increasing both system efficiency and accuracy
  • Provides 15 business critical reports specific to your industry
  • You benefit in over $40,000 in direct cost savings plus 10-15 days in reduced time for a go live
How do you "FIT"?
At Bredet, we understand that as a smaller process manufacturer (75-100 employees), your budget and available resources to create products may be dramatically different than some of your larger competitors (100-250 employees). FIT by Bredet aims to level the playing field and supply a competitive advantage by allowing you access to the same ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) toolset as a larger manufacturer, at a significantly reduced cost.

Why Bredet?
  • We have over 33 years industry expertise
  • With hundreds of implementations, you benefit from the implementations designed and created for industry without the high ceiling costs
  • We are a boutique, agile firm and work hand in hand with our customers to always ensure quick executive decisions
  • We are committed to business process improvements that will help trim costs
  • We are constantly gathering insights from our customers which enhances the proprietary value we provide, and in turn offer that value and insight back to all of our customers

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