DocLink makes it easy for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products within an organization to go paperless.

 Taking the first step toward fixing outdated business practices can be daunting, but must be accomplished one way or another. Business teams need to creatively and easily expedite processes, and DocLink available to help. When in need of software to scan/route documents, create alerts, customize forms, automate workflows, and access files from any device, DocLink Delivers:
  • Document Management: track and access documents wherever they are.
  • Workflow and Document Processing: manage approvals and configure workflow processes based on your specific needs.
  • Document Capture: capture documents internally and externally from a variety of sources and through various methods.
  • Automated Delivery: schedule and automatically distribute documents with supporting documentation.
  • Mobile Access: allow your team to securely access, approve, and capture documents instantly on their mobile devices.
  • Smart Forms: build and configure sophisticated windows to streamline creation and indexing of documents and business processes.
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